Notice of intent to repossess vehicle

After an Item is Repossessed. If you have paid more than 60 percent of the amount of the loan, the creditor must sell, lease, or otherwise dispose of the item, unless the consumer signs a statement after the default which permits the creditor to keep the item in full payment of the loan. The sale must be held within 90 days of repossession.

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A "Redemption" Notice Explains How to Get a Repossessed Car Back Most states give you time to "redeem" your loan by paying what you owe after the lender repossesses your car. The notice explains the amount you must pay by the deadline date and other terms. You'll likely have to pay the loan in full, which many borrowers can't do.




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The world of vehicle repossession is often a place where consumers are taken advantage of. A vehicle repossession can significantly impact consumer credit scores and purchasing power. If the laws are broken, we may be able to help. However, time is critical. A vehicle can be repossessed - without any warning or notice to the.

Once the vehicle is located, the repossession agency will attempt to repossess the vehicle. After the vehicle is repossessed, the lender is required to hold the vehicle for fifteen (15) days after sending a notice of intent to dispose the vehicle to the borrower. This notice gives the borrower fifteen (15) days, and in some cases, up to twenty.